Just 1$… watz this really about?

Skepticism is understandable. Let me back this up…

Since the start of my UX/UI career, I have purchased some truly artful stock photography and plenty of the contrary. Often wondering if I had been bias to believe that something from my personal collection would of worked. Only to find comfort in this quote: “beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.” –David Home

That said, I have a gazillion photos waiting to be contemplated by anyone other than me! (Ok, not quite that many.) Like many folks, I will capture an amazing photo, admire it for a second then store it on an external hard drive thinking “I should really do something with these one day.” Recently I decided its time to put them to good use.

Sharing them for just 1$, will eventually cover the SSL and hosting expenses. This web site is absolutely a labor of love.

Thank you for visiting!

Looking for a UX/UI professional? Check me out at www.shar.la

Oh, and let me share even more with you… Stock Photography Freebies: 

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